Peduto Airs New TV Ad


Screenshot from Peduto for Mayor TV Ad “Our Pittsburgh”

Commercial highlights neighborhood icons

OCTOBER 21, 2013, Pittsburgh, PA – Democratic nominee for mayor of Pittsburgh Bill Peduto today releases a new television ad featuring icons from several Pittsburgh neighborhoods including the Strip District’s Pamela’s Diner, Little’s Shoes in Squirrel Hill, and Gus & Yia Yia’s Ice Ball Stand on the North Side.

“If elected Mayor, I will fight for what’s in the best interest of all Pittsburghers instead of the narrow interests of downtown political insiders,” says Peduto, “and our new ad communicates this message perfectly.”

33 thoughts on “Peduto Airs New TV Ad”

  1. Sandra Nosker says:

    Like the campaign ad! If I lived in Pittsburgh you would have my vote!

  2. Joyce Dodge says:

    Bill, I love your new ad! Nice message, no smears, highlights the good things in Pittsburgh and gives hope that someone will be an effective mayor soon, namely you!!! You look marvelous and I wish you much success. People are eager to see the collaboration that you will bring with others in town and beyond.

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