LAST CHANCE: Apply for a Transition Team


Last Chance, CO (1), a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Travelin’ Librarian’s photostream

Dear Friend,

I wanted to remind you that if you haven’t already applied to join one of my Transition Teams, the deadline to do so is tomorrow, November 18, at 5pm.

We’ve received a tremendous number of applications, but I wanted to make sure we had YOURS.

Learn more and apply to join a Transition Team here.




30 thoughts on “LAST CHANCE: Apply for a Transition Team”

  1. Brian Schimmel says:

    I work for the Department of Environmental Protection on Herr’s island. I’d be glad to assist if you have an Environmental committee. Thanks, Brian

  2. Sandra Kirkavitch says:

    I would like to sit on our Transition Teams.

  3. Darlene Jackson says:

    Hi, My name is Darlene and I would like to be on the team of public safety. My son was lost to gun violence 5 years this month. I would like to see the gun violence not only slowed, but stopped. I look forward to hearing from you.

  4. John Jackson says:

    My name is John and I’d like to be on the team for education and neighborhood.

  5. John Jackson says:

    oops, I should have included that I’m the committee man district 1314 and ward 13

  6. Darlene Jackson says:

    oops should have stated that I’m the committee woman for the 13 ward and the 14 district.

  7. Brian Schaffer says:

    19 years experience in banking, finance, underwriting. Was trying to obtain a city job before until Luke Ravenstahl had his issues.

  8. Mr. Peduto, I would welcome the opportunity to join your team and contribute to my city. I am a Learning & Development professional with high spirited energy and over 15 years corporate and academic experience. Now, if I only lived in the city??

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