Mayor Peduto Prepares City for Snowfall, Second Round of Sub-zero Temperatures


Rooftop Snow, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from xparxy’s photostream

PITTSBURGH, PA – Mayor William Peduto has ordered Pittsburgh’s emergency response protocols to be activated ahead of severe winter weather expected to grip the city this week.

The forecast from the National Weather Service calls for 1 to 3 inches of snow in our region starting early this morning and lasting for most of the day. In addition, sub-freezing temperatures are expected to continue for at least the remainder of the week.

“Several inches of snow and sub-freezing temperatures can turn into a serious situation, so we have activated the city’s winter weather emergency response protocol,” said Mayor Peduto.

Public Works crews have been activated for 24-hour shifts and began pre-salting roads last night in anticipation of the snow. Crews from the Parks and Recreation Department will assist Public Works on an as needed basis.

All city facilities will be open today, including senior centers, and will function as warming centers throughout the day. Five warming center locations will be open from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. today and Wednesday. These locations are:

• Greenfield Healthy Acting Living Center, 745 Greenfield Ave. (412-422-6551)
• Homewood Healthy Active Living Center, 7321Frankstown Ave. (412-244-4190)
• North Side, Allegheny Center Healthy Active Living Center, Allegheny Square (412-323-7239)
• Sheraden Healthy Active Living Center, 720 Sherwood Ave. (412-777-5012)
• South Side Healthy Active Living Center, 12th and Bingham streets (412-488-8404)

In addition, the homeless shelter at the United Church of Christ, 620 Smithfield St., Downtown, will be open today and Wednesday. Police have been instructed to assist the homeless with transportation to shelters, and residents are advised to keep their pets indoors this week.

If temperatures dip to unsafe levels this evening or thereafter, or if there are power or heat outages, the city will work with the American Red Cross to provide overnight shelter for residents needing assistance.

Additional medic units have also been activated in anticipation of a slippery and potentially unsafe morning commute.

25 thoughts on “Mayor Peduto Prepares City for Snowfall, Second Round of Sub-zero Temperatures”

  1. My street untouched by plow or salt 2/15/14 a.m. says:

    2/14 and road is untouched by plow or salt. funny how my sister ended up in South Carolina with 9 inches of snow and her street looks better than mine and we had only about 3 inches. Why? IT HASN’T BEEN TOUCHED. I ended up in the shallow part of the ditch that runs along the right-hand side last night and got out a regular snow shovel and some kitty litter to free myself from it and get up to my usual parking space. This morning I’d hoped to see some improvement. NOTHING. So it looks like I’ll be taking two buses to get into work tomorrow and owning a car is just for driving into a ditch now that my property taxes have been raised. Here’s an idea, Bill. As to the fact that a tax assessor evaluating our properties and never having been here, in fact an idiot from out of town who’s never even heard of a topographical map, we haven’t heard a peep from Bill in objection. Bill Peduto, stop behaving like Tom Corbett. We don’t need a mayor who ignores the people here while claiming this is the “best city in Pittsburgh” – my sister lives in South Carolina which just got pummeled and isn’t well-equipped when it comes to road maintenance after a snow storm AND HER STREET LOOKS BETTER THAN MINE.

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