Policy Papers

From now until the Election Day, we’ll be releasing one position paper daily on issues that affect Pittsburghers. Please click on each title to read the entire paper or click here to go to all Policy Papers.

#1 A 21st Century Pittsburgh Survey
#2 Pension Reform That Protects Workers and Our Budget
#3 Transforming Public Housing
#4 Helping to Build More Diverse Neighborhoods
#5 Reforming Residential Permit Parking
#6 Mayor’s Initiative on Equity and Diversity
#7 Restoring Trust in the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police
#8 A Modern Zoning Code for a New Pittsburgh
#9 Faith-Based Initiatives: Partnering With Communities of Faith to Build a New Pittsburgh
#10 Sharing Services, Saving Money: Common-Sense Shared Service Agreements With Allegheny County
#11 Growing Our Neighborhoods: Attracting New Residents to Pittsburgh
#12 Pittsburgh Transit Districts: Zoning for Transit Funding and Expansion
#13 A Fair and Equitable Property Tax Reassessment System
#14 Pittsburgh’s Path to Prosperity: A Roadmap Out of Act 47 Status
#15 Outcome-based Budgeting: Making Government Work For Residents First
#16 A Leader Who Can Work With Others: Building Coalitions to Change Pittsburgh
#17 CleanTech Investment Fund: A Green Bank for a Greener Pittsburgh
#18 Code for Pittsburgh: Bringing Innovation to City Government
#19 Engaging the World: Sharing Ideas With Cities Across the Globe
#20 Startup Roundtable: Helping to Create the Jobs of the Future
#21 Pittsburgh City Alert: A Mobile App to Keep You Connected
#22 Innovation Incubator: Supporting the Next Generation of Pittsburgh Entrepreneurs
#23 Office of New Urban Mechanics: Generating Innovation Within City Government
#24 Clean Rivers, Green Jobs: Green Infrastructure as Economic Development Opportunity
#25 A Dollar A Car: Sharing in Revenue Generated From Parking
#26 Get Fresh Pittsburgh: Providing Neighborhood Access to Fresh, Healthy Food
#27 ReBuild Pittsburgh: Fighting Blight and Creating Opportunity
#28 SavePGH: Creating a Culture of Financial Literacy and Responsibility
#29 Financial Empowerment Centers: Helping to Build Self-Sufficiency and Financial Literacy
#30 Growing STEMs: Summer Youth Employment in High-Tech Industries
#31 Mayor’s Summer Reading Program: Challenging Kids to Improve Their Reading Skills Outside of the Classroom
#32 Generations Together: Intergenerational Teaching and Learning Programs
#33 Pittsburgh VoTech: Expanding Technical and Vocational Training Opportunities
#34 Pittsburgh Early Ed: Nurturing a New Generation of Promise-Ready Pittsburghers
#35 Supporting Neighborhood Schools: Strengthening the Anchors of Our Neighborhoods
#36 Working Together To Improve Public Education
#37 Safer Schools, Safer Communities: Coordinating Emergency Response to Keep Our Kids Safe
#38 Pittsburgh Without Borders: Strengthening Ties With Our Sister Cities
#39 Growing Green: Greening Our Neighborhood Business Districts
#40 Operation Black and Gold Ribbon: Supporting Our Returning Veterans
#41 Reforming Our Taxi System: Making it Easier to Get Around Town
#42 Traffic Calming: Keeping Our Streets Safe For All Modes of Transportation
#43 Digital Permitting: Making it Easier to Build a New Pittsburgh
#44 Community Roundtables: Bringing Our Neighborhoods Together to Solve Problems
#45 Department of Innovation: 21st Century City Government
#46 Local Development Bank: Leveraging Investment to Rebuild Neighborhood Business District
#47 Strengthening Ties With Allegheny County Leaders: Creating City-County Working Groups
#48 Energy Benchmarking: Using Technology to Make Our Buildings More Efficient
#49 The Pittsburgh Community Land Bank: Fighting Blight and Revitalizing Neighborhoods
#50 Neighborhood-Focused Policing: Decentralizing Decision-Making in the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police
#51 Community-Based Budgeting: A Budget By the People For the People
#52 Bridging the Digital Divide: Making Information Technology Accessible to Everyone
#53 Rebuilding Our History: Home Renovation Grants for Historic Districts
#54 Investing in Future Leaders: Helping Minority Contractors Build Capacity
#55 Supporting Small Business: Micro-grants for New Business Start-Ups
#56 Rapid-Response Government: Reforming 311 to Work For You
#57 Walk Your City: Showcasing Neighborhoods Through Pedestrian Way-finding
#58 Making Parking Smarter: Utilizing New Technology to Modernize Parking
#59 Rebuilding Building Inspection: Strengthening Our Ability to Fight Blight
#60 Attracting New Business: Quality Jobs Making Quality Goods
#61 Office of Small Business Services: A One-Stop Shop to Support New Business Development
#62 The Pittsburgh Public Ferry: Connecting People to Jobs
#63 Pittsburgh Development Roundtable: Cutting Red Tape to Spur Development
#64 Clean Construction: Recycling Construction Materials to Save Money and Protect Our Environment
#65 River to River Rail: Connecting People to Jobs
#66 Pittsburgh Open Data: Opening Government’s Books to Spur Innovation
#67 It’s Always Sunny in Allegheny County: Creating New Markets for Solar Technologies
#68 Proactive Code Enforcement: Keeping Our Neighborhoods Clean and Safe
#69 Neighborhood CodeWatch: Community Code Enforcement Task Forces
#70 Clean Air, Clean Water, and Fair Wages
#71 Pittsburgh Circulator: A Safe Transportation Option for a Vibrant Nightlife
#72 The Pittsburgh Green Roof Project: Creating Incentives for Green Roofs
#73 Interactive Online Zoning Maps: Making Land Use Information Open and Accessible
#74 Keeping City Employees Connected and Accessible
#75 Bringing Street Paving Into the 21st Century
#76 Giving Our Crossing Guards the Tools They Need
#77 Building True Diversity in the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police
#78 Pittsburgh After School: Providing Learning Opportunities to Keep Kids Off the Street
#79 Food Truck Friendly City: Removing Barriers to Small Business
#80 Bank On: Building Stronger Communities Through Financial Security
#81 A URA That Works for Us: Fighting Blight and Rebuilding Our Neighborhoods
#82 Public Safety Report Card: Making Public Safety Data Open and Transparent
#83 Complete Streets: Creating Safer, More Accessible Neighborhoods
#84 City of Immigrants: Welcoming a New Generation of Immigrants to Pittsburgh
#85 City Artist in Residence: Economic Development Through Public Art
#86 User-Friendly Government: Bringing Local Government to You
#87 Building On Our Past: Historic Preservation as Economic Engine
#88 Smart Traffic Signals: Using 21st Century Technology to Solve 20th Century Problems
#89 Public Investment Reform: Putting Taxpayer Dollars Where They Can Do The Most Good
#90 Beyond PILOTs: Building Sustainable Partnerships with Nonprofit Organizations
#91 The Pittsburgh Alley Project: Turning Neglected Infrastructure Into Community Benefit
#92 Where’s My Plow? GPS Tracking For City Snowplows
#93 Property Owners’ Handbook: Tools to Be a Better Neighbor
#94 Board and Commission Reform: Streamlining Government and Opening the Doors to New Voices
#95 Creating Walkable Neighborhoods: Eliminating Mandatory Parking Minimums
#96 Community-Based Development: Growth Through Consensus
#97 Making Our Streets Safe: Reporting Lost & Stolen Guns
#98 The Pittsburgh Art Corps: Economic Development Through Public Art
#99 A Mayor Who Works: The Most Accessible Mayor’s Office in Pittsburgh History
#100 Grassroots Change: What Are Your Ideas to Improve Pittsburgh?